Environmental / sustainability concept

NOVOMATIC is committed to a responsible corporate culture. Owners and corporate management are committed to assuming social responsibility and promote this sense of responsibility among all employees at all levels of the hierarchy. As an innovative company, we regard our employees as the most valuable asset and accordingly invest in training and qualification measures. By securing employment, we make a valuable contribution to social cohesion. It is our endeavor that our employees enjoy the work and can develop professionally and personally. Mutual respect and appreciation are just as important to us as a consistent development of the skills and potential of our employees. Social engagement is an important task for us, according to the responsibility we have as a successful company in the locations in which we operate. We understand it as our obligation to share the entrepreneurial success with the society and in this way to contribute to a solidarity with each other. We are actively involved in diversity, integration and education. In addition, we appear dedicated and purposeful as a promoter of art, culture, science and sports. We are guided by the careful use of resources and the minimization of environmental damage from our own business operations. Our Approach: We seek to minimize the environmental impact and impact of our operations, thereby having a direct and indirect impact on the efficient use of resources and energy, and on the environment and climate-related emissions. We pursue this approach through a certified environmental management system and as efficient as possible products.


Our approaches are as follows:

Informing our guests, employees and the public about our environmental activities.

Efficient use of energy and water
Encouraging partners to actively participate in the implementation of our environmental program
Avoidance of waste through conscious purchasing of products    Reducing traffic congestion through information and offers for guests to use public transport more effectively
Use of environmentally friendly cleaning agents, internal and external
Survey of the increase of the satisfaction of our guests by high service quality and evaluation by means of feedback forms

By compliance with all criteria, we have been carrying the Austrian Ecolabel since June 2015

The following goals are our concern and are constantly monitored:
All the above measures are constantly reviewed, questioned and constantly improved
Water consumption should be significantly improved by using energy-efficient water-saving technology
Increased range of organic and regional products in the gastro area
For the sake of the environment we recommend to use more public transport

We look forward to your suggestions for optimizing environmentally conscious thinking! For reasons of better readability, a consistent naming of female and male names has been dispensed with. Of course, the text refers equally to women and men. I am always at your disposal for any questions and suggestions and I look forward to welcoming you and your guests at the next opportunity in the Novomatic Forum.

Your contact person in the Novomatic Forum:
Ursula Nosal
Location management, event management & sales
Tel: +43 1 585 20 21-210